Websites are the food for businesses to stay healthy and grow at a constant rate. Consumers need information that will inform their decisions. The market is very modern and for your company to be successful, you need a professional website. In the present day, concern businesses have about their websites besides generating leads and making sales is driving organic traffic.

If you get it right, more traffic will translate to more leads and sales you’ll eventually get. A lot of tactics are to be explored, one easy and cheap method is to use content marketing. Experts such as HubSpot and Marketing Sherpa agree that this gives you the worth of your money.

Therefore today, we are going to share with you steps and secrets we use to increase traffic growth for a website. It is common knowledge that creating this content may be daunting, but with these, you will be creating viral, epic content in no time.

Always find Relevant Keywords

The effective use of keywords is the foundation of any high-ranking site. When you are creating content, it does not differ. Your content must be built around keywords that are relevant to your business.

Good content is not only aimed at ensuring your business is the go-to for everyone. But also, it should bring opportunities to build effective links. And to build these links, you want to use keywords that are rewarding.

Google Keyword Planner and are useful to find relevant and highly searched keywords your site is targeting.

Research for Topic Ideas

All good content written today started with an idea. For you, do you know how you can be sure your ideas are a perfect match for your website and audience? The answer is with topic validation. Find out:

  • The level of demand for what you are writing about
  • The performance of something similar written
  • Ask your audience using surveys or polls
  • Learning about principles that work for content creation

Google Trends and BuzzSumo are tools that can help you research and validate your topic before writing. The main reason for doing this is to ensure you are not creating content for content’s sake.

Do Better

With content, there is a vast number of resources on a topic. You do not want to spend time writing a duplicate of what is already existing with or without your knowledge. Websites ranking high for the content you also want to rank for is because theirs is the best of the best. Before you start writing, think of:

  • What already exists?
  • What areas were covered?
  • Can I create something better?

These will give you a standard to measure your content against and it’ll inform the ideas that will help you beat the competition by being the go-to resource. While you are trying to do this, ensure your content is unique.

Write your Content

Following all other boxes, you need to check before writing, you are now ready to put your ideas on a virtual paper. While writing, make your content simple and easy to digest. You can take note of

Secrets to Grow Organic Website Traffic

using your keywords evenly throughout your write up. Maximize the sharing ability of your content

Use Visual Assets

Nowadays, a lot of users on the internet enjoy seeing pictorial representations of ideas. 65% of people in the world are visual learners. People do not have the patience to read a long body of text.

But, content with appealing visuals that provide meaningful and lengthy information on a subject is far more likely to be read and shared.

This makes your content memorable and in turn, opens your content and website to a larger audience base. Not to say that any visual elements will suffice, we mean you should use unique diagrams and infographics curated for the content created. They should explain the main point of your content concisely and interestingly, so you gain the attention of your audience.

There are a lot of design practices for infographics and tools you can use.

Build Links with your Content

With your content set to educate multiple audiences, you need to build profitable and long-lasting backlinks for your website. There are other links you can build– internal links, inbound links, outbound links, do-follow and no-follow links.

Consistency is key

Publishing one article is not enough. You need to regularly write value-packed content for your business blog. This is the basis of a successful content marketing strategy. Updating your blog on your website increases traffic in several ways.

  • You become the expert and thought leader in your industry.
  • Your customers will trust, rely on and expect the best from you
  • Direct traffic will come from people who want to know about your business offerings
  • Referral traffic from people who have heard about your business
  • Organic traffic from search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Push prospects through your marketing and sales funnel

Write and Comment for Others

We know businesses like to think of their competition and stalk them invisibly to know what they are up to and if they can do better. With blogging, you cannot remain a stalker, expose yourself. One way to save time for blogging that can increase website traffic is to curate and comment on your business blog and social media accounts about other people’s content. This includes your competitors.

Doing this still reinforces your position as a thought leader in your industry. People will visit your platforms for communication regularly for the latest news. This form of content marketing helps you get a lot of referrals and organic traffic.

Utilize the Media

Your content will become boring if all you do is post-write-ups with no other form of multimedia content. It’s either you use a blend, or a post is completely a form of multimedia content.

Think about the content that went viral and you came across, this was most probably visual. Use other types of media such as videos, audio recordings, photos, and infographics. They are known to increase website traffic as much as, and sometimes even more than written content.

Using multimedia content increases social sharing, this is organic and search engines live for this.

Include Downloadable Resources

Yes, you want to increase website traffic, but don’t be selfish about it. If people visit your website you want them to leave with something valuable. To ensure you maintain your reputation as a thought leader, including downloadable resources. Though this must be planned out properly and some businesses may choose to do this long-term.

Resources such as templates, webinars, training videos, audio recordings can encourage people to come back to your website without retargeting.

The Secret is Finally Out

You are let in on the secrets to make your content go viral and have a good number of new visitors. Use our tips and do well for yourself by surpassing them.

Start creating your exquisite content today with a combination of visual assets and opportunities for links. Now, you will make sure whatever you create is the best of the best that will remain relevant for years to come. Work hard to increase your business website traffic by a percentage you are proud of.

If you are old in the content marketing business and you have used any of these content marketing tactics to increase website traffic, please share in the comments what types of content have had the most success for you.