Retrieving, analysing and presenting digital evidence stored in mobile phones and computers

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Digital Forensics Services

Our expertise is combined with a highly secured structure that enables us deliver at the highest level on digital truths and a vast range of investigations.


Computer Forensics

Computers are an essential part of daily life. The digital evidence to be recovered is useful for criminal, civil and corporate investigations. We extract and analyse electronically stored information (ESI) from desktops, laptops and hard drives.


We analyze computer volumes quickly to shed light on user actions. You can easily search, filter and sift through large data to have a smart and comprehensive analysis.


We provide a solution for triage, data acquisition, targeted data collection, and forensic imaging is made possible.


We enable you to gain immediate access to forensic evidence.


We assist forensic examiners to quickly and safely preview data contained on evidentiary devices before data is imported.


Mobile Phone Forensics

Smartphones are more prevalent today and these devices keep increasing in performance, data storage capacity and overall capabilities. We preserve, extract, analyse and report the electronic data retrieved from mobile devices to be used in criminal, civil, corporate and legal aid matters.

Introducing the best-secured mobile phone


IntactPhone is the world’s most secure mobile phone for organizations. This high-end smartphone is built from the ground up to provide you with the ultimate defence against mobile cyber-crime. IntactPhone runs a purpose-built security-rich operating system, fused command-and-control application, military-grade encrypted communications, and multiple security and performance assurance utilities. These components form the Intact Mobile Security platform. It protects you from eavesdropping, malware, data breaches and any attempts to hack or tamper with your mobile communications and data. It enables you to establish and enforce best-of-all-worlds mobile device security and compliance framework to match your specific enterprise mobile security requirements.

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Mobile Security for your Needs

We have a solution that meets the unique mobile security challenges of your industry.
Leverage the power of a comprehensive purpose-built devices to drive high-security mobility for your organization.


Avoid compromised decision and execution processes of state-related actions.


Safely transfer/ exchange sensitive medical information and protect against unauthorized users.


Ensure seamless operations within a contained communications environment.


Secure your mission-critical information and ensure the privacy of your workers.


Secure your sensitive information from cybercriminals and protect personnel data.


Deploy confidentiality, and productivity essential to your success.



CommuniTake is manufacturing the IntactPhone device and thus owns the entire device code, including drivers and bootloader.


The IntactPhone runs on IntactOS, a custom-built security-rich operating system, enhanced to address mobile security concerns facing enterprises today.


The IntactPhone provides security and privacy by encrypting voice over IP calls through ZRTP. Communications can run on any network, including 2G GSM, 3G UMTS-CDMA and LTE.


Octa-core 2.0 GHz

CPU 5.7″ HD, 720*1440px,  18:9

32GB ROM + MicroSD extension

2950mAh battery Wi-Fi, BT, USB, SDcard, GPS

Compass+G, Light, Proximity,  Fingerprint

Dual SIM

Europe / USA / LATAM / Asia

Cellebrite Forensic Products

UFED Touch 2- Universal Forensic Extraction Device

A closed platform designed and built solely to perform mobile forensic extractions. Its environment reduces software conflicts and ensures the most forensically sound extractions.

UFED Analytical Desktop – Link Analysis Software

A tool that filters data down to its core and transforms data into actionable information. Investigators can discover the critical linked connections needed to shorten the time spent on investigations.

UFED Cloud Analyzer – Cloud Extraction Software

A tool for extracting, analyzing and reporting of cloud-based content. It extracts private user cloud data from key social media, webmail and cloud storage sources, within pre-approved legal boundaries.


We mine for digital evidence and examine all footprints on computer-related assets to help with criminal or civil cases.


We search, locate, organize and secure data stored on electronic media- hard disks, laptops, desktop computers or any type of digital media, to assist and speed up investigations.


We help you avoid incidents from reoccurring by implementing secure plans for the entire company’s IT infrastructure with our professionalism, precision and discretion.

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