File Tracking System

DiReg is a specialized application designed to help you manage in-house records of files/incoming-mails; and the movement and tracking of their physical location in the most efficient and economical means available.

DiReg Features

Secure Records

Helps maintain control over files by protecting vital and confidential records.

Operations Compliance

Protects information by using file-in/file-out & mail-in/mail-out controls.

Tracks File Activity

Accounts for the creation, movement and actions taken on a file from multiple locations and generate reports.

Efficiency & Productivity

Improves the activity of staff with less time spent on filing and retrieving files.

Saves Time

Tracks files and allows for early and fast discovery of missing files, and high staff efficiency.

Saves Cost

Helps you spend less money on purchasing paper notebooks to manage information.

DiReg Features

DiReg enables users locate, track and secure their files quickly
and effortlessly. Some features of DiReg are listed below.

Intuitive Dashboard

This is the interface readily available on a computer or hand-held tablet. The dashboard is intuitive and allows users manage files and incoming mail entries, easily.

Tracking Barcode

This is a code attached to each file that can be generated, scanned, and used to identify files, manage inventory, locate lost files, and track the history of files.

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