Growing a business in this digital age can be difficult especially for small and medium scale businesses. The next best thing for any business to expand its market is Digital Marketing. Today, Facebook is held as the most popular social media platform to help with this according to Alexa in Nigeria. Over 20 million people use Facebook daily across Nigeria to communicate with friends and family. This shows there is a large swath of consumers ready to be marketed to. It is by far the largest social network connectinfacebook logog people from different parts of the world. So, even if you serve a local or regional market with your small business, you have the opportunity to advertise to a vast audience with your products and services.

Facebook is a solid channel for reaching a much larger audience to gain market share in comparison with your competitors. We will help you with the steps to create and maintain Facebook pages, earn visibility through interactions and engagements including strategies and techniques to earning meaningful interactions, grow your audience using Facebook tools, boost revenue using ads and finally how to continuously improve the performance of your Facebook page.

Facebook Pages: A Marketing Tool

The central Facebook marketing tool for brands is Facebook Pages. Unlike a profile, a Page is the center of information for your brand, be it a company, product, service, or expert or celebrity. Through this page, users can interact using the “Like a page” and “Follow” it function which means they will automatically receive content from that page on their timeline. Facebook Pages is free and easy to set up, but they are hard to get off the ground as it will take a lot of effort to get more people to like your page unless you are an already known entity with reasonable popularity online.

There are a few key differences between Pages and Personal Profile. To connect with someone as a profile there needs to be a friend request and confirmation between the two profiles. But for Pages, people can follow and like your page without your approval. Another difference between Pages and profiles is the number of people: For Profile, you can only have a set number of friends but for Pages, an unlimited number of people can like and follow your page. if you’re going to start with this, you’ll need to set up a professional page. Here’s how to do this.

How to set up the Perfect Facebook Page

Unfortunately, many brands don’t use Facebook Pages to their full potential. Even worse, some brands use them poorly and end up hurting their credibility. These guidelines will help you set up your Facebook Page and ensure it is in great shape.

Profile and cover picture

The profile picture for your Page should be the logo for your business or brand, not anything else.

The cover/banner image is different, it is really up to you to decide what to put up there. Some companies use photos of employees, while others use fancy artwork and put their contact information in the cover image.

“About” section

The “About” section is prominently placed right below your company logo. This is your opportunity to advertise your page and tell people what your business/brand is about. It has to be short, so don’t try to fit everything in. The details can be added in the full about section.

Explain what your company does or brand is all about, why you are different from others in the same industry, and any additional information you think people will be interested in. If you have the time, you can write it specifically for your Facebook audience. If you don’t know what to write down then simply copy the information from your website/blog’s “About” page.

Remember to fill in all the required data under “Basic Info.” Adding your physical business address including details like location and hours if applicable is a plus. A casual tone usually works best on Facebook so remember to keep it friendly and informal.

Post useful and quality information to your timeline

What you post on your wall will show up in the news feed for everyone who has “liked” your page, just as it does when you post information on your profile. So, make sure what you are posting is useful and relevant for your followers. Do not continue posting the same content and clog up the news feed of your followers and also do not post too often.

Here are some ideas for the kinds of information you might want to share or post on your wall;

  • Links to articles related to your company or your industry
  • Links to your blog posts.
  • Coupon codes for people to save money on your products.
  • New product announcements.
  • Links to tools your followers might find useful.
  • High-quality and impactful videos that will appeal to your audience.

Again, make sure that your posts are helpful and interesting. And, don’t post more than a few times each day unless a special event is happening. One of the quickest ways to lose followers is through Spamming. If you always post information that talks about your business, company or brand and tend not to add anything of value, then you are going to find it hard to get and keep followers interested in your page. Before you send out any new post or update, be sure it adds value to your followers. If it does not, don’t send it. An example Page to model after is Bex-IT Digital Solutions Ltd Page

Using Facebook Insights

Another great Facebook marketing tool is ‘Insights’. It offers some fantastic analytics for pages. Pay attention to them because they are key for understanding what and how big a surge in engagements and likes can help in the structuring of posts to continue drawing new people to your page. Also, to ensure your advertising goals are achieved.

How to market with Facebook Groups

Facebook has another tool called ‘Groups’, it has been upgraded recently to let you create brand-based groups associated with your page. Like Facebook Pages, Groups is free and they tend to have a high level of engagements.

To begin, you will need to create a Facebook Page for your brand. Then you can create a group along with that page. This helps in giving you more control over the group since it is attached to your company. Facebook Groups are similar to discussion boards but contain additional features such as a timeline. Groups can be used as a way to advertise to potential customers by creating groups that are related to your industry or products you offer.

Though, managing a Group can be time-consuming because you will want to continuously monitor discussions, post questions and manage members several times per day.

How to market with Facebook Marketplace

If you have a business or brand that specializes in selling products, Facebook Marketplace might be a game-changer for you. Think of it as the popular marketplace called ‘Craigslist’ but built into the Facebook ecosystem.

It’s a relatively newer feature of Facebook is still being revised. It has a huge potential for eCommerce retailers and other types of product-based businesses.

You can consider setting up a shop that can contain the list of products you sell on a separate tab on your Facebook Page. When you add products to your shop, they will be searchable across Facebook. If you are into buying and selling of goods or services using the internet, this is a marketing or advertising tool you need to use as soon as possible.

How to use Facebook Jobs

A new Facebook tool is Jobs. Using this, you can post available jobs at your company on Facebook. This is not the typical marketing most people use on Facebook, but it can be very helpful if you’re looking to hire someone. It is another way to use the power of Facebook for your company to grow.

Marketing with Facebook remains a powerful means to grow your business. In 2020, there are currently 1.69 billion users on Facebook, so it is more important now than ever to take advantage of this. Start today and be sure to incorporate other marketing tools to help your business grow.